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Dedicated PE Coaching and PPA Cover

Schools PE Coaching and Lessons

Sussex Soccer Academy are driven to engaging all young pupils in fun, engaging and educational sporting activities. We have a experienced and friendly team that work closely with each school to deliver a curriculum that suits. We can offer an extensive school sport programme that enables your school to choose a variety of specific sports or multi skills sessions to fit with your schools PE needs.

Our PE lessons are designed in a way that all pupils are challanged no matter their abilities by managing differentiation and keeping the enviroment in a way that pupils are free to learn and make mistakes in their learning progress. Which pushes all pupils to acheive their potential and to enjoy participaring in PE lessons. We strive to deliver in a variety of learining styles including lots of guided and discovery learning, as well as challanging pupils in a mental as well as physical manor, by allowing lots of choices and decision making in our lessons.

As well as offering PE sessions we can also run lunch clubs which we have combined with PE at East Wittering school to help them earn a PE bronze mark which helps with funding and ofsted.

We also offer packages to organise and run your sports days and school sports teams and tournaments to help promote school spirit and pride within the pupils

To see a couple of our sessions that are featured by the Football Association please click on the below links.
Connect Four Game
Dribbling Game

Please get in touch with us to discuss your schools PE or to set up a FREE taster lesson and meeting.

Our Commiment

We strive to provide the best service possible for all our clients

  • Coaches are DBS checked and insured
  • Coaches are Sport specific level 2 qualified in multiple sports
  • Coaches are experienced in delivering PE from KS1-KS4
  • Aim to provide you with the same coaches each week
  • All staff undergo continual professional development
  • lesson plans for all sessions with curriculum targets
  • School Options

    We will supply and tailor a package to suit your schools needs

  • Full day or lesson PPA cover
  • Out of hours school clubs
  • Full year or term commitment
  • Varying sports each half term
  • Pupil assessment in PE if required
  • Coach-teacher interaction to develop cross-curricular links
  • Four Corner Model

    Sussex Soccer Academy plans all PE lessons to make sure all four corners of our model are covered. See below for example based on Football.


    Ball Control, Using differnt surfaces of both feet, 1v1, possesion, Understanding Pressure, Positioning, Making space as individual and team, Skills and Tricks


    Decision Making, Gaining Confidence, Learning New Skills, Patience, Making & Learning Mistakes, Rules of Game, Spacial Awareness.


    Movement On/Off Ball, Passing, Agility, Coordination, Balance, Turning & Running/Dribbling with ball, Shielding, Striking, Passing.


    Teamwork, Applauding & Encouraging Others, Communication, Offering Help/Advice & Questions/Answers, Behaviour and Enjoyment.